TAGTIME Vietnam Recycling Facility

HANOI — March 9, 2010 —TAGTIME is pleased to announce that they have established a “Textile Recycling Program” (TRP) as part of their corporate goals and objectives for maintaining their global social responsibility of reducing, recycling and reusing raw materials in, and associated with, their manufacturing facilities.

TAGTIME, a member of the Secondary Material and Recycled Textile (SMART) Association, has developed a pre-consumer textile recycling facility at their Vietnam operation, located outside Ho Chi Mein City.

TAGTIME’s TRP facility is currently recycling approximately 75 tons per month of pre-consumer textile waste to be recycled and put back into the raw material supply chain. TAGTIME is currently working directly with the apparel contractors for NIKE, Columbia Sportswear, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. to collect and process this waste material.

Our goals are identical with the EPA's overriding goals... “to encourage the trends toward (1) increased use of recycled materials in products and (2) the increased recovery of material for recycling”.

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